Duval County Ranch


Property Details

  • County:Duval
  • Zip:78357
  • Type:Hunting Land, Ranches, Recreational Property
  • City:Freer
  • Acres:2,880
  • State/Zip:Texas 78357
  • Status:Sold

Property Description

Located in Duval county, this exceptional South Texas ranch property produces some of the highest quality deer and quail populations not only in the county but probably in the state of Texas. This ranch encompasses 2,880 acres of native South Texas scrub brush with native grasslands and planted food plots mixed within. There are numerous different watering sources located on the property including 2 tanks and other watering pillas. From a wildlife enthusiast or cattle ranch operator perspective, this South Texas ranch is ready for hunting, recreational use or cattle stocking if desired.
Location - This spectacular 2,880 acre ranch is located approximately 16 miles South of Freer, TX and then 3.5 miles down the ranch's private road to gated entrance in Duval County.
Habitat - The Ranch is located in the South Texas Plains ecoregion. The majority of the property is made up of high quality mixed South Texas scrub brush browse species like Texas Kidneywood, Granjeno, Lime Pricklyash and Coma. With the lack of cattle grazing on the ranch, native protein rich forb species such as Dalea, Bundleflower, Scarlet Pea, Widow's Tear and Orange Zexmenia are abundant throughout the property. Furthermore, from lack of cattle stocking, there is very little encroachment by invasive species like Buffelgrass and Silver bluestem. The abundance of native wildlife and proper wildlife management has allowed native vegetation to thrive, and simultaneously, has allowed wildlife populations to expand.
Wildlife - The ranch has been a highly managed white-tailed deer property for years. Deer in the 200" B&C have been taken off of the property. Through property management strategies, native South Texas bucks are still abundant on the property. Moreover, with the proper management of white-tailed deer habitat, upland game birds such as bobwhite quail, rio grande turkey and dove species are commonly seen. Quail coveys can be seen moving in between open grassland senderas and thicker brush mottes. With the La Parrilla creek running on the West side of the ranch as well, riparian habitat makes this part of the ranch exceptional for turkey roosting in old growth bottom land. Lastly, soils in the area mainly consist of sandy to sandy loam.
Infrastructure - There are two different living quarters on the ranch. The main lodge is located on the West boundary. The two main lodging areas are connected by a central kitchen and dining area. The other house is located in the center of the ranch and is more suited living quarters for a ranch manager/biologist. The ranch also has a large shop area for working and has cold storage for keeping game. Roads traverse the property throughout and senderas have been cut every quarter mile throughout the property for deer and quail hunting lanes. The ranch is enclosed by an 8 foot high fence.
Water - The ranch buildings, water pillas, ponds, and living quarters are supplied by a 520 foot well. The Parrilla creek also flows when rainfall is abundant.
Minerals - Only surface rights are being sold with this property. There has been little surface disturbance from energy companies as well.
Other - All blinds, corn and protein feeders are to be sold with the property. Two 9 ton and one 20 ton silos are being sold with the property as well.

Please contact TurnKey Ranch Real Estate Agent NICHOLAS KOLBE at the contact information below for more information.
Nicholas Kolbe
Agent/Wildlife Biologist
(830) 708-9065

Freer Texas 78357